Jul 042013

Time for an update on the competition among saddles for the questionable honour of supporting my Buttocks of Steel on the 1400km of London-Edinburgh-London. You can read about the early running here. Of the two Selle SMP saddles, the Avant proved to suit me better. But it became evident on Mike Wigley’s Holland 600 that it was likely to get a little medieval on my ass over the longest distances—it’s not quite clear to me what the problem is, but there’s chafing after 600km to a degree that suggests that 1400km on this saddle would make my eyes water.

So what to do? I’m going to try another leather saddle. This time a Rivet Independence. This has a similar slot to the Brooks Imperial, but is reportedly less inclined to splay and go sway-backed. We shall see.

I can always open a museum of saddles…

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