Feb 052013

If you’re interested in modern Russian art (and you are, right?), I can recommend the current two-fer exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery.  A sample:

Photo by Vikentiy Nilin.  Is he really sitting there?  No idea...

Photo by Vikentiy Nilin (1993 onwards). Is that guy really sitting there? No idea…

Besides the late Soviet and post-Soviet works in the “Gaiety” exhibition, there are also Soviet modernist paintings from the 1960s-1980s, grouped in an exhibition called “Breaking the Ice” (possibly a Cold War reference there.  Just a wild guess…).  A sample:

Oleg Tselkov (1980).  "Five Faces."

Oleg Tselkov (1980). “Five Faces.”

Some of the work is playful, some doom-laden, some combines the two.  I found pretty much everything interesting, whether I liked it or not.

The exhibitions, at the new Saatchi Gallery at the Sloane Square end of the Kings Road, are free.  “Gaiety” runs until 5 May, “Ice” until 24 February.  Both are free, and the catalogue is a steal at a tenner…


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